Red Gretsch G5129 semi acoustic electric guitar - Peerless built, Bigsby, DeArmond & mini humbucker in Stone, Gloucestershire for sale

Red Gretsch G5129 semi acoustic electric guitar -

This beauty is a Peerless built instrument from 2005.
The fit and finish is immaculate - the consensus is that the early Peerless G512x series are superior to the Samick built guitars, and having owned both, I agree. These fixed bridge G5129s are also rarer than the Samick version, and don’t come up for sale too often.
A real head turner, with the beautiful red front, black sides, and nicely aged binding. I am selling it solely to thin the herd. I also play bass, and live in a small house, and the situation is barely under control :)
The red colour on the front is perhaps not conveyed accurately by my crude flash snaps - it has a slight crimson tinge, and a light wood grain shows through a beautiful gloss finish.
It has had a matching form factor, mini humbucker from Guitar Fetish installed in the bridge position, with no extra drilling, glueing or routing, and using the original pickup cover (see pic). The original DeArmond 2000 is included, should you want to swap it back.
Very ‘vintage’ tone from both pickups. I have experimented a little with strings, and discovered that with a set of jazz flatwound 11s on it, the guitar really comes into its own. Think ‘Waterloo Sunset’ on the neck, and Velvet Underground on the bridge - almost a pedal steel brightness… though it currently has a set of standard 10s on it, as flats may not be to everyones’ taste.
The middle pickup setting can be thin, due to the pickup impedance difference I suspect - this is easily fixed by rolling the volume off on the bridge pickup by about 10%. With that done, the pickup volumes are well balanced, and the middle setting you’d expect emerges. Dial in that extra 10% on the bridge again for a volume boost.
The action is very good (and even better with flat 11s on a lowered bridge), and the rosewood fretboard is quite dark - giving it an ‘expensive’ look. Very playable, and good tuning stability.
The guitar is in excellent condition, with no divots, dinks, or holes - other than the usual minor wear marks from light use, some minor buckle rash on the back.
Comes with a fitted hard case. Collection only, you are welcome to try before you buy.
If you're not too far away, we may be able to negotiate a meet up on purchase. Drop me a mail before you bid, & I'll see if we're near enough.
I may consider swaps. Guitars I like include:
Orange or red Epiphone Wildkat custom / ltd (not Royale)
Fender Telecaster with fat pickups such as P90 / humbuckers on, and / or Thinline / Deluxe
A decent Fender Jazzmaster